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Welcome to the UnObtainium Home Page

From early beginnings playing rhythm guitar in various unknown rock bands, I developed an interest in synthesisers in the late '60s and early '70s.

Having built my first synthesiser from modules and kits, I aspired to better things. I bought, swapped and sold a few early synths, and eventually managed to begin my current collection of mainly analogue machines in the early '80s.

Time has never been on my side, so over that long period, my output has been comparatively little. Because I don't have a passable singing voice, my compositions have tended to be instrumental only, sometimes written for their own sake, sometimes written as scores for video, (another interest of mine). Many compositions are inspired by space and cosmic themes.

This site contains some of my more presentable compositions from the last 25 or so years, in .mp3 format. You may freely download them if you like them. Please click on the links below to listen, or right-click and select "Save Target As" to download.

Zero One Written for video as a tribute to XH558, the only remaining airworthy Avro Vulcan, call sign "Zero One", (see elsewhere in the Amiga.2-Cool domain).

Europa Sunrise Planetary sunrise on Jupiter's moon, from the first glints of sunlight on the ice sheets to the full glory of daylight.

Asteroids Wandering through rocky regions of distant space.

Re-Entry Written for my wife, but also to mark my return to recording in 2004, an astronaut looks forward to his homecoming.

Through The Rings Drifting through the rings of Saturn.

Snowskimmer Racing snowmobiles in remote snowfields.

Voyager A journey of discovery among the planets.

History Written for a documentary video about a ghostly old manor house.

Reverie Wistful memories of living on the Isle of Wight, written for video.

Gravity's Dream The continuity of gravity as a driving force in the universe.

LightSail Quiet space travel on the solar winds.

Interstellar Clouds Freeform clouds of gas drifting in space.

Clockwork Toys Nursery toys come to life.