The Car Specification

Pontiac Firebird Sport Coupe

Built: 2.02pm 02/02/1988

Engine: 350 cu in (5.7 litre) Tuned Port Injection V8

Transmission: TH700 with Overdrive and TCL

Rear Axle: Borg Warner PN1005423 Posi. Ratio 3.27:1

Suspension: WS6

Other factory-fitted niceties: Air conditioning, tilt seat, power locking, electric windows, elasticated door pockets, rear ashtray, powered trunk closure, remote trunk release, tilt adjustable steering column, variable intermittent wipers, cruise control, aluminium prop shaft.


Fitted since delivery: Pipecraft custom exhaust system employing Flowmaster muffler






Audio and Video

Click on the buttons below to hear the engine or see short movie clips. Close the playback window (or use your browser's 'Back' button) to return to this page afterwards.


28.9 Kb: Engine start, idle and rev, unmodified exhaust system


39.9Kb: Engine start, idle and rev, Pipecraft custom exhaust system with Flowmaster muffler

  Exterior shots (1092 Kb)

 Relaxed cruising on motorway (standard exhaust system)

  Interior shot (353 Kb)

  Moderately fast take-off (Overdrive engaged, standard exhaust system)

  Breaking traction (596Kb)

Higher throttle take-off (but still showing some consideration for the tyres, Pipecraft exhaust system with Flowmaster muffler)

  Rolling burnout (270Kb)

  OK, we'll plant the throttle with some anger this time...the tyres can take it just this once (Pipecraft exhaust system with Flowmaster muffler)

  Fast pass (276Kb)

  A short, moderately fast run past the camera (Pipecraft exhaust system with Flowmaster muffler)

No laws were broken in the making of these video clips !

Some visitors to this site will wonder about performance. I'm not one of those people who likes to break speed limits, so I haven't attempted to find out in practice, but published figures quoted for a 1987 Chevy Camaro 350TPI IROC-Z with a very similar specification, (thus mechanically pretty much the same car) are: top speed 'well in excess of 140mph', a standing-start quarter mile time of 14.5 seconds. 0-60 time 6.2 seconds.

In my own experience, driven carefully, the car returns about 22mpg, but that drops off quite quickly if the throttle is used firmly.